The FLEX NOZZLE adjustability is the key to their effectiveness in the field. They feature variable width by use of a breakaway 2’ telescopic stainless steel extension on each side. This allows for precision width adjustment between 14’ and 18’. The FLEX NOZZLES can be easily angled forward or back swept to the grower’s preference. They are also capable of 13” of height adjustment and can be aimed up or down to the desired pitch. They quickly attach to any existing BERM BLASTER without the use of tools.



Berm Blaster


Berm Blaster Adjustments



  • High Output Dual Blowers
  • OSHA Compliant Guards and Housings
  • Category II Three Point Mount
  • PTO Drive
  • Breakaway Booms
  • Hydraulically Controlled Output
  • Adjustable Nozzles
  • Easily Accessed Topside Greaseable
  • Reinforced 2” Receiver to Tow Spray Rig
  • Drive Shaft Access to Power Spray Pump
  • Forklift Pockets


  • 540 RPM PTO Connection Required 1-3/8” Round 6-Spline
  • Maximum Discharged Air 24,000 CUFM
  • Discharged Air Speed in Excess of 135 MPH
  • Unit Weighs Approximately 1300 LBS.
  • Height 53 Inches
  • Length 54 Inches
  • Width 13 Feet w/ 140 or 155 Nozzles
  • Width 7 Feet w/o Nozzles



  • 12″ & 24″ EXTENSIONS:
    Extensions can be quickly and easily installed between existing Berm Blaster nozzles and the main blower housing without the use of tools. Extensions breakaway to prevent housing damage. Overall width of a Berm Blaster with 12″ Extensions is 15′ and 24″ Extensions is 17′
  • 140 NOZZLES:
    Designed with increased forward swept angle over standard 155 Nozzles.

By utilizing the Performance Accessories you can adjust the debris scatter and trajectory of the Berm Blaster’s output. This will efficiently clear your orchard berms and create a row of material to minimize labor and clean up costs.

  • 14 to 18 foot Variable Width
  • Adjustable Forward & Backswept Angle
  • Easily Raised & Lowered
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Quickly attaches to any Berm Blaster without the use of hand tools.
  • Breakaway


Frank Russell
"The Berm Blaster has saved us $24,000 dollars per year in sweeping costs. Before the Berm Blaster our Naval Orange Worm reject nuts were at 3% to 4%, now they are less than 1% reject."

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