Visit us at the WORLD AG EXPO Space H2

This year’s Tulare AG SHOW should be better than ever. Visit us at Space H2, on the corner of H Street and South Street. We will be exhibiting The Berm Blaster High Output Dual Blower for Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, and Vineyards. The Berm Blaster will be featured on a new John Deere orchard tractor and coupled to a Russell 500 gallon Commercial Berm Spray Rig. This configuration is quickly catching on as an effective “One Pass” solution to clean berms and apply herbicide. One pass is made possible due to the Berm Blaster’s ability to tow and power a spray rig. The Berm Blaster can power small roller pumps up to larger PTO driven centrifugal spray pumps. Stop by and see Cody or Jerry at the show!